I am a LEOW and busy mom of one with an aspiration to lead, empower and help others transform their lives through health and fitness. I am a Certified W.I.T.S. Personal Trainer and Beachbody Coach. My mission is to encourage others to find the support they need to reach personal health goals and the guidance they need to create more freedom for their families. Through health and fitness I am able to do just that!

I want to share some of my story and how I landed here. As a child I was very active, my passion was dance. I danced for 17 years in all facets – ballet, pointe, jazz, hip hop, tap, lyrical, modern, all of it! I’ve always had a passion for some form of fitness. In 2006 I was in a motor vehicle accident that almost took my life. I was the passenger and assumed most of the impact. I had a compound fracture of my right femur, four pelvis fractures, broken tailbone, fractured wrist, fractured facial bone, ruptured bladder and internal bruising. I had an angel on my shoulder that night because I should not have survived. I now have a rod and pin in my right femur and residual pain from all of the injuries. I can also accurately predict the weather. Staying active and leading a healthy lifestyle is the only way I can manage the lingering pain from the accident. I make it a priority to take care of myself and my body so that I can be the best me, best wife and best mom that I can be.

If I have learned anything through that experience, it’s that life is precious and I don’t want to waste a single second. I’ve been given a second chance and I want to help others realize that they don’t have to settle for average. That they can be just as big as their dreams. That they can be a mom and a wife and take care of themselves too. That they have the power to change their own life.