What are you waiting for?

I saw this opportunity called Beachbody about a year ago but I wasn't ready to jump so I sat back and watched for probably 6 months before I took any action because - well because self doubt is a bitch.  We're so conditioned to live within the lines of 9 to 5 that anyone who even thinks there's a different way is "crazy," especially if you're a woman. 

Fast forward to July 2016, I decided I had nothing to lose if I signed as a Coach. I've had my personal trainers license for 6+ years, what better way to help people, right? These programs changed my life, I had to share them. The day I signed as a Coach is the day my life changed - inside and out. One of Beachbody's pillars is reading personal and professional development. I've always read but this time I dove in and doors starting opening. I saw the potential of this opportunity and the lives that were changing before my eyes. I was finally feeling the sense of fullfilment and empowerment that I've so longed for.

In my professional career I wasn't happy. I was leaving my son, crying at daycare, to go to a place I really didn't like. It was killing me emotionally and physically, I had never been so miserable. Several months had gone by and my boss made the comment "I know you're not happy, but no job is perfect." My jaw dropped, I wanted to get up and run. Did someone really just tell me to settle?? That it's okay to be unhappy?? Something inside of me changed and I knew right then and there that I was doing myself a disservice to stay here and settle. I didn't almost die in a car accident to just be average - to live day to day with no real purpose.

Did you know that 52.3% of people are unhappy at their place of employment? Just think about how big that number really is.

I could feel a change happening and I was scared and excited at the same time. Feelings of fear typically mean growth and I was definitely growing. Thankfully only a short time after doors began opening for me and an opportunity arose for me to go part time. This has allowed me to define my purpose and finally work towards my dreams and goals. I'm also in a much better environment and you would be amazed at how much of a difference that makes. The weight from my shoulders was finally lifted. I'm breathing easier these days.

The moral of the story? Don't settle, ever. Life is entirely too short to do anything but go after your dreams. I never want to look back and say "I regret..." and I sure as hell never want to go to work unhappy or unfulfilled. 

I've been working on something pretty big in the background and I'll soon be able to share. Thank you for following my journey and allowing me to help you with yours.